Thursday, 6 November 2014

Looking forward

I have been reading Jodi’s new house, new garden post on her gorgeous blog Practising Simplicity, and feeling excitement stir as I will shortly be moving house and am so looking forward to getting to know my new garden.

We bought the house earlier in the year when winter had well and truly drawn her cold, grey cloak over the garden.  I remember briefly exploring the un-landscaped backyard, and noticing a couple of evergreen trees and some patchy grass – but what held my interest were some greyish-barked trees that looked as if they might be of the fruiting variety (!).  Hard to tell when you’re not an expert. 

If they are fruit trees, they will stay.  Even if some of them are in awkward spots in the ‘lawn’.  The ‘lawn’ will have to be re-thought anyway and why remove trees that give something back?

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