Monday, 3 November 2014

A space of one's own

I have been pondering beginning a blog for some time now.  I have hesitated because although I am a fervent reader of many blogs, I have wondered whether I should inflict my thoughts and opinions on others.  I struggle with most talk back sessions on radio largely because many who call in want to blurt their opinion to the world.  Isn't blogging a little bit like blurting one's opinion at the world? 
I did ask myself why I wanted to contribute to the internet’s vast collection of blogs.  And the answer was a selfish one: I need to write and I need some space.

I am an English teacher who loves to write. I have been struggling this year with feelings of frustration about the fact that all I seem to be writing are sample paragraphs, emails to colleagues, updates to parents and endless (endless!) comments on student work.  Whilst all are worthy, they do not give the magic zing that writing for oneself does.  I'm a bit rusty; it could take awhile before I remember how to write for myself.

I can't say what to expect on this blog because I do not know myself.   I won't make any promises.  But let's enjoy the process.  I think that might be where the magic lies.

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